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Forest Deluxe Magnolia & Peony square white wood criss-cross lantern with topper

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This beautiful white glass candle lantern is decorated with our handmade enchanting forest-theme topper with encrusted fruit baubles, traditional red and green baubles, a translucent gold shimmering magnolia flower, a pure white peony in bloom, beautiful life-like foliage, vibrant green leaves, and striking gold accents. Additionally, this beautiful handcrafted piece you see around the lantern's neck is also detachable.

A beautiful Christmas piece which will look stunning with an LED candle lit up or warm LED fairy lights. Whilst this is a festive beauty, it will look gorgeous in any month or time of year as a year-round decorative lantern.

*Pair this lantern with our Pink Deluxe Forest Enchantment Wreath*

Despatch within Australia within 2 days for items made and ready to ship.

For any queries, phone or email us. You can also send us a message via our website form.

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