Soft Botanical Forest Fruits Luxe criss-cross glass lantern with shining silver top.

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This gorgeous white wood criss-cross glass pane lantern with a shining silver-top and hinge-hook door is adorned with a beautiful handmade topper made with a selection of stunning ribbons (burlap, champagne pink sparkling net, and white embossed with gold design), delicate sprays of foliage (frosted cedar pine, botanical lush green leaves), little white pomegranate & thick matte gold accents, finished off with a standout encrusted apple bauble.

A unique Christmas decoration - or luxe piece to adorn your home with year-round for any season. This kind of lantern looks gorgeous in a corner of a room on a table, at the front of the home on an entrance table filled with warm fairy LED lights, or even taking centre stage on a coffee table in your living room.
Additionally, our beautiful decorations you see around the lantern's neck are also easily detachable by either satin/chiffon ribbon tails or a sturdy flexible thick branch.

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