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A Joy Wreaths decoration can last forever if carefully maintained.

Maintaining your joy wreaths pieces

Store your Joy Wreaths piece, out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

Joy Wreaths creations should be kept dry, away from all liquids. 

Plastic storage boxes are excellent sturdy options to store your precious decoration.

If you treat your Joy Wreaths piece with care and caution, it can last you for decades. 

Whilst the decorations are robust, with the highest of quality materials - to maintain the look and texture of the decoration, it cannot withstand much pressure or weight so please be careful with that. 

Payment Methods


Our duty of care discontinues after delivery of goods & you become responsible for the safety & condition of the Joy Wreaths product left in your care. Ruined stock will not be replaced or refunded due to negligence or lack of care. Your duty is to ensure safety when in use & that the Joy Wreaths products maintain the consistent quality they were in, when delivered.

Please remember all Joy Wreaths products are not recommended for young children.

Our products may contain small parts, and are not suitable for infants & children as they pose a choking hazard. 

They all have the potential to contain small pieces and sharp edges. If not handled with care or dropped on a hard surface, the Joy Wreaths piece could break.

Whether you are seeking a traditional Christmas decoration, modern/trendy designs or specific colours, our Melbourne Christmas store offers you an unforgettable shopping experience with high-quality products and excellent competitive prices. Look and enjoy yourself.

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