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A subtle yet grand Christmas garland.

This showstopper is generously adorned with a bloom of gold-trimmed poinsettias with translucent, beige/champagne and plum/burgundy petals, gold magnolias, quality thick pink solid sparkled, velvet green, and embossed gold burlap ribbons, matte pink/red and gold baubles, a variety of fruits (including stunning shimmering-gold apples), pinecones, and more !


This statement piece is covered with quality thick ribbon, flowers, pinecones, and a variety of traditional and fruit baubles all set against life-like foliage.


Whether this Joy Wreaths decoration sits as a table centrepiece for a celebration dinner party, or atop a fireplace, curtain, or rangehood you can be sure that it will be the show-stopper of all your holiday decorations.


The most exquisite wreaths in Melbourne




You can also purchase this piece on our Etsy store.

Joy Wreaths Luxe Garland - Enchanted

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